When to Go

When planning your trip to Walt Disney World you will be making many decisions regarding your vacation. One of the first things to decide is the time of year you will be visiting Orlando. If you are able to travel at any time during the year, you will want to visit when crowds are the lightest and when severe weather conditions, like hurricanes, are not an issue. This will allow you to visit the parks at a more comfortable pace, without the hassle of extremely long lines and overcrowding.

Many visitors to Walt Disney World travel during the summer months, holiday seasons or during school vacation times. These are the most crowded times for the parks, where attendance is very high. During these ‘peak’ times, park hours are usually extended and the parks pull out all the stops to provide top entertainment for its visitors.

Least Crowded Periods

  • First week of January through week before President’s Week
  • Last week of August through first week of October
  • Week after Thanksgiving through week before Christmas

Most Crowded Periods

  • President’s Week
  • Spring Break Week
  • Easter Week
  • June, July and first three weeks of August
  • Christmas Week

All other periods fall under average attendance for Disney Parks

If you must travel during the peak season, it can still be a very magical vacation. You’ll just need to plan in advance and be prepared for touring the parks. The good news for travelers during the peak season is that the parks operate at full tilt, with all attractions running and extended park hours. Just use our travel and park tips to have a great trip.

High and Low Temperatures by Month and average Rainfall in inches

November7958 2.3
December7351 2.2

Note that June, July, August and September are considered hurricane season in Florida. Although the parks are open 365 days per year, Disney has been known to close for major hurricanes (Hurricane Floyd in 1999, and two hurricanes in 2004).