The Weird Guide Book to Australia: Cassowary Crossing

There are hundreds of travel guides to the great continent Down Under, but not many that focus on the more unusual sightseeing spots like where you can watch the annual wheelbarrow pushing race, famous spots where miracles have taken place or where the oldest fish farm in the country is. If that’s the kind of sightseeing you’re after, then you need to read Cassowary Crossing: A Guide to Offbeat Australia by David Astle.

Cassowary Crossing: A Guide to Offbeat Australia

Cassowary Crossing: A Guide to Offbeat Australia

Cassowary Crossing is the kind of guide book you should both read before you go to find some of the absolute must-see odd places for your list, and take with you too so you can dip in and find an unusual sight that you’re about to pass by. The book is arranged by topics such as Hideyholes, Jails, Miracles, Windows and Wrecks and each chapter includes a dozen or so special places to visit, with a paragraph explaining their history and why they’re unusual (mostly it’s obvious!) plus some useful details like location, opening times and websites.

If you’re a standard Sydney Opera House and Great Barrier Reef kind of traveler to Australia, you might find this unusual guide book pretty useless. But if you’re open to a few new things and are looking for interesting stories to tell the folks back home, Cassowary Crossing will work out for you.

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