Weekend Getaways & Vacations in Baltimore

If you’re trying to come up with a great weekend getaway then add Baltimore to the list as it’s a fabulous place to escape to. In Baltimore there’s a little bit of everything for everyone from art to history to fine dining to sporting activities and natural beauty. Since Baltimore is such a fantastic city, why not plan your vacation around one of their exciting events and celebrations.

Baltimore Orioles

If you’re a baseball fan, especially a Baltimore Orioles fan, then why not schedule a visit to the city and catch a game? With a nod to the working family the Oriole management has decided to make a visit to the ballpark more affordable with the Birdland Stimulus Package. There are several different ways you can take advantage of their deals including Kid’s Night, Birthdays at Oriole Park, Junior Orioles Dugout Club, Student Nights, Bleaches and Boog’s, and Ollie’s Bargain Nights. These fan friendly programs are designed to bring more people out to enjoy America’s favorite pastime and give fans a great deal at the same time. New programs will be announced throughout the year, so keep your eye on the website to find out what deal is best for your budget.

Nevermore 2009

The city of Baltimore is celebrating the brilliance that was Edgar Allen Poe throughout the entire year with Nevermore 2009. The events begin on January 19th, the 200th birthday of the famed writer. At differing times you can catch staged readings of one act plays by Poe and performances of his humor and horror, a cemetery excursion reminiscent of The Fall of the House of Usher, a scavenger hunt of Poe history, a sculptural and architectural extravaganza, a tour of Mount Clare Museum House, Artscape festival with its nod to Poe, book festivals, a unique tie to the National Museum of Dentistry, Clayfest, viewing of Poe’s body, a candlelight vigil, and a funeral service. In addition to all of the activities presented by the city and various groups, Harbor Magic has created its own weird get away in honor of Edgar Allen Poe. And to keep the theme going, many local hotels are offering deals for Poe fans that not only give you a discount on your room for the weekend getaway but also deals and discounts on many activities throughout the town. Check the website to see what hotels are participating and what weekends offer the best Poe excitement.

Preakness Celebration 2009

Baltimore’s Old Hilltop is hosting the 134th Preakness Stakes in May of 2009 and the whole city of Baltimore gets a little Preakness fever during the event. Whether you’re a horse race fan or not, it’s an event worth seeing at least once in your life. In addition to the grand event itself, there are several other activities happening in and around the city that make it a true weekend getaway. MECU’s Pee Week Preakness gives little ones a chance to run their own Preakness as they bounce away on Hippity Hops at the Federal Hill Park. If your children don’t want to hop themselves, they may enjoy the Preakness Frog Hop at the War Memorial Plaza at City Hall. For some reason the city didn’t think racing horses and frogs was enough and they decided to tap the crab kingdom with The Crab Derby where local celebrities race crabs in order to win $500 for their favorite charity. One event that is a can’t miss is The Preakness Celebration Parade of Lights where illuminated floats, helium balloon characters, horses, bands, and local notables take to the street for a nighttime parade in honor of the Preakness.

Maryland Film Festival

For film buffs the best time to visit Baltimore is in May during the Maryland Film Festival. Funded by a joint public and private partnership the film festival is looking to bring a unique voice to the film festival circuit. The schedules are set so as to reach a majority of people with differing interests. Filmmakers are invited to personally present their films so the audience gets a more in-depth experience with the post-screening discussion. There are no prizes so each presentation is there simply to speak for itself. In addition to movie screenings, there are also panel discussions which dive into certain aspects of the industry in depth which is great for those wanting to learn more about the business of film. Some of the highlights of the Maryland Film Festival are their preservation films which are restored movies and archival prints which really deserve a viewing.

Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine

History buffs will enjoy a visit to Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine for the Fourth of July celebrations. This star shaped fort is best known for the part it played in the War of 1812 when it held off the British Navy. One of the reasons this particular battle was so remembered is perhaps not because it was successful, but because it was during the battle that Francis Scott Key penned the national anthem of the United States, The Star-Spangled Banner. During the Fourth of July the Fort gets all patriotic and features fife and drum music, cannon firing, a musket salute for 18 states, dancing and games from the era and a public reading of the Declaration of Independence.

Godiva Getaway

Chocolate lovers are recognized in the Godiva Chocolate and Love getaway provided by Harbor Magic and their hotels. This is the perfect way to frame a romantic weekend retreat. Take the advice of the Romantic’s Guide to the Area’s Top Ten Sweet Spots or discover your own romantic locales. The Godiva Getaway includes a deluxe accommodation for a night, a box of Godiva’s New Gold Ballotin  chocolates, a ‘Bittersweet Love Songs’ CD, the Sweet Spots Guide, breakfast for two and an extended check out time.

Baltimore really has a little something for everyone. Use this guide to pick your favorite event or mix and match activities around Baltimore and then check with Harbor Magic to plan the perfect bargain weekend getaway around your favorite activities. Or set the mood and let the weekend unfold with all that Baltimore has to offer.