Weekend Getaways in Orlando

There are a few destinations in the United States that as such must see locations that almost everyone decides to visit at least once in their lives. Orlando is one of those cities that is just so full of fun and excitement it’s a place that needs to be experienced to be believed.

If you’re looking to pack a variety of adventures and excitement into a weekend getaway in Orlando then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll provide you with a number of exciting activities in Orlando and you can pick and choose to create the best weekend getaway in Orlando ever.

Major Attractions and Theme Parks

Of course Orlando Florida is probably most noted for its incredible theme parks and major attractions, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando, are probably the two biggest theme parks in Orlando and the ones most people think of when they want to plan a trip to the area. Walt Disney World is the largest and most visited recreational resort in the entire world with four theme parks, two water parks and 24 themed hotels. Disney’s four theme parks include Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom, each of which is a huge destination in its own right. In addition Disney’s hold on the Orlando area, Universal Studios Orlando also has its share of attractions for visitors as it’s the second largest resort in the Orlando region, only behind Walt Disney World Resort. Universal Orlando is a theme park that is jointly owned by NBC Universal and Blackstone Group, so the attractions in the park are based on NBC television shows and movies produced by the Blackstone Group. The real attraction in the park, in addition to the movie memorabilia and sets are the rides. Elaborate rides are designed around the themes of popular movies and they change frequently enough to keep things exciting.

Golf in Orlando

While many people think of Orlando as a mess of theme parks they’re missing some of the most exciting things the city has to offer and one of those things is golf. Florida is a great state for golf and the Orlando area, with its large tourism trade, is fortunate enough to have a huge number of private and public golf courses for people to explore. Golf packages can be arranged that allow you to visit a number of courses during your stay, or you can stay at one of the beautiful golf resorts in Orlando and play a high end course again and again. But if you really want to experience Florida golf and not break your budget then the public golf courses are the way to go with their well kept and reasonably prices courses.

A Natural Look at Orlando

Getting out of the rat (or mouse as the case may be) race is almost essential in Orlando. The city is crowded and such an overload to the senses that communing with nature on your Orlando weekend getaway is almost essential. Luckily Orlando has almost as many parks as it does roller coasters, each park offers a different experience for its guests. Orlando’s park system features parks that are small and quaint offering a momentary escape for a stroll or a picnic or they can be elaborate like the 4,000 acre Lake Louisa State Park with four different lakes, horseback riding, and camping. To experience the natural flora and fauna of the region Lake Louisa is a good place to start. Rock Springs Run State Reserve is also a great stop as the black bears don’t hide from strangers. Blue Spring State Park is a refuge for endangered species namely the manatee. Blue Spring is also a wonderful place for swimming, snorkeling, SCUBA diving and camping.

Cultural Tourism in Orlando

Orlando actually has some cultural highlights that give you a different perspective of this vibrant city. The Orlando Museum of Art is a great place to start your cultural tour with its focus on local artwork. The 10-12 on site exhibits are always changing and often supplemented by presentations, lectures, and outreach programs that provide more background about the pieces of art or the artistic movement under inspection. The Orlando Repertory Theatre specializes in family programming that everyone can enjoy. There are even camps for young ones who want to learn a little about the business of theater.  For music fans the Orlando music scene is always happening. There are a huge number of clubs featuring top acts, in fact it is possible to find a top national act every week. But for music with a little more of a cultural bent, the Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre is the place to check out. The Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre brings in some of the top Broadway touring companies and performers. It also is home for the Orlando Ballet, Orlando Opera, Orlando Philharmonic and the Festival of Orchestras.

Orlando Shopping

A town that is based on tourism, like Orlando is, often has shopping that is to die for. Orlando is an incredible shopping destination with high end shopping, traditional shopping malls and outlet shopping. For those who love outlet shopping there are about a dozen outlet malls in and around Orlando, it’s almost hard to miss them. For something a little more high end the Mall at Millenia is a great place to shop, beginning with the valet parking and carrying through the incredibly built mall you’ll find it a unique high end shopping experience that’s everything you could imagine and more. But for the ultimate in Orlando shopping that’s all packed into one location you’ll want to go to International Drive. This shopping strip has everything from designer boutiques to outlet malls, but everything is supposed to be priced reasonably. There are almost 500 stores on International Drive covering just about every item you can buy.

There is so much to do during a weekend getaway in Orlando that you couldn’t even fit it all in in a year of weekends, but if you’re found the time to escape to Orlando for just one weekend you’ll get the most bang for your buck by engulfing yourselves in your favorite activities or by sampling a little bit of everything.

Creative Commons License Photo credit: Skakerman