Weekend Getaways in New York City

Few cities have as much to offer as New York City. This city is known the world over for everything it has to offer and you’d be hard pressed to find a better place to escape for a weekend getaway.

New York City Theater Getaway

You can’t mention visiting New York City without bringing up the theater action. There may be no other city in the world that has the quantity and quality theater productions that New York City has. If you are interested in the theater and want to plan a getaway that centers around Broadway your best bet is to select one or  two Broadway shows you’d really like to see. If possible, book those shows as soon as possible as some of them sell out months, if not years, in advance. Then fill your days and off nights with surprise theater productions. Look for the TKTS booths set up in and around the Broadway region to get a killer deal on plays that aren’t sold out. Most of the booths sell tickets only on the day of the play but the discounts can go as deep as 50% off. Keep your mind open and see a couple theater productions you normally wouldn’t pick, you’ll never be disappointed in New York City.

New York City Historical Getaway

Although not officially dubbed New York City until 1664 the area’s history reaches much further back. But it really doesn’t matter if you’re interest in ancient history, the history of the city’s birth and growth, or more recent history, New York City is full of historical monuments and locations for all sorts of history buffs. Ellis Island is a must stop for any history buff on their trip to New York City. From 1892 to 1954 served as the main entry point for immigrants coming to the United States, for many people this location offers a connection to their ancestors. The Statue of Liberty is another stop that most tourists and  history fans make, donated by the people of France as a sign of friendship, freedom and democracy its an impressive piece of artwork and a national monument. A  Harlem Heritage Tour is a more modern touch with a guide that gives you a deeper insight on this famed neighborhood and its role in the Civil Rights Movement. A more modern place of great historical significance is the World Trade Center. Currently a haunting construction site, this once stately symbol of prosperity served as the site of one of the most devastating acts of terrorism ever. These are just a few of the historical getaways in New York City, one weekend is not nearly enough time to take in all of the history this city has to offer.

New York City Museum Getaway

The list of New York City Museums is so extensive it reaches from the traditional art museum to the non-traditional museum of sex. There is really something for everyone when it comes to New York City museums but there are a couple museums that garner a bit more attention than the others. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a perennial favorite with more than 2 million pieces of art on display. The Guggenheim museum is another favorite art museum, with a building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright the structure is almost as famous as the artwork inside. The American Museum of Natural History takes you out of the art world and into one of the largest and most celebrated museums of the world. Featured in a large number of media works, the museum is probably best known for its starring role in Night at the Museum. For a museum that is a bit of history itself, the Fraunces Tavern Museum is a great visit. This 1719 residence served as a home and tavern and was most famously known as the site where Washington gave his farewell address to the officers of the Continental army in 1783.

New York City Romantic Getaway

If you’re headed to New York City with a loved one then you’ll want to give your getaway a touch of romance or soak up all the hearts and flowers the city has to offer. New York City’s Central Park has a lot to offer the couple in love, wander around the zoo, grab a bit to eat at Tavern on the Green, rowboat across the lake, find an outdoor theater production or just stroll hand in  hand through the park. Broadway is also a fabulous place to take your sweetheart, you can take in one of the many Broadway Theater productions, stop in for a meal at one of the great restaurants in the region or spend some time shopping at the world famous stores that line the streets of New York City. Touch your loved one’s heart by tracing their family tree back to Ellis Island. Visit an icon and see the Statue of Liberty or spend time exploring the city’s famed Museum Mile.

New York City Shopping Getaway

One of the best parts of New York City is the shopping. The city is packed full of shopping options for every type of shopper, from the luxury high end boutiques to the deep discount stores. Many noted department stores have their flagship shops in New York City and no trip is complete for a shopper without a little brown Macy’s bag from the original Macy’s Store. In addition to Macy’s the city is host to huge versions of Bloomingdale’s, Sak’s Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman.  But the department stores in New York City are far from all the city has to offer. As far as shopping goes, in NYC you’ll literally find everything in one place.

For the best weekend getaway in New York City take a taste of everything the city has to offer, this way you’ll see some of the sights, enjoy some of the cultural aspects, learn about this city’s history and take home a few trinkets to remind you of your vacation.

Creative Commons License Photo credit: nosha