Weekend Getaways in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the perfect city for a weekend getaway as there are a variety of things to do throughout the city. For a city that seems centered around gambling and drinking it’s sometimes hard to think outside of the casino and imagine what else there is to do but there’s actually more than meets the eye when it comes to Las Vegas. So let’s look at weekend getaways in Las Vegas and skip the clichés.

Weekend Getaways in Las Vegas for the Naturalist

Being situated in the desert with mountains all around, Las Vegas offers some incredible hiking opportunities in and around the city. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area or (NCA) features red and white sandstone cliffs that you can see from downtown. The views and scenery in this part are spectacular. One of the nicest parts of the Red Rock Canyon are the Spring Mountains, hikes through this mountain will take you through narrow canyons with creeks and waterfalls that provide a break from the heat. Desert National Wildlife Range is the place to visit if the mountains and desert are new to you. The six mountain ranges and wide open expanse is quite awesome and full of interesting natural wildlife. Lake Mead is a pretty incredible hike, especially in the winter as you’ll find some hot springs just begging for a tourist or two to take a dip. But these are just a few of the incredible nature areas the surround Las Vegas.

Weekend Getaways in Las Vegas for the Art Lover

Las Vegas is a city that is full of money and where there’s money there’s usually some fabulous art. The Las Vegas Art Gallery strives to provide you with an art encounter of various sorts with local and international artists. The Bellagio hotel got in on the art craze with the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art which is a small gallery that houses some incredible contemporary works by Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. While at the Bellagio you’ll also want to see the incredible blown glass artwork ceiling created by Dale Chihuly, it’s something you’ll never forget. The Liberace Museum gives you a different perspective on art in Las Vegas, this non-profit museum was established to support performing and creative arts and features some incredible museum and art pieces. And finally you’ll want to head to the mall, yep, Fashion Show shopping mall to find Centaur Art Galleries with such a large selection of original artworks that reach back from the 16th Century to modern and contemporary artists.

Weekend Getaways in Las Vegas for the Shopper

Las Vegas is an incredible place for shoppers. In the past the town only had overpriced incredibly gaudy items for those who won large amounts of money and wanted to spend it foolishly or they had cheap souvenirs for anyone who thought they should take something home. But Las Vegas is incredibly different now as it’s packed with incredible stores with wonderful deals. On the strip there are stores within almost every casino but the big shopping draw is the Las Vegas Outlet Center which has a variety of high end stores and stores you love to visit with prices you can’t pass up. The other on the strip shopping location that can’t be missed is Fashion Show. Fashion Show draws more than 10 million people a year and features 2 million square feet of shopping paradise. Traveling off the strip you discover an oasis of outlet shopping centers and shopping malls including the Fashion  Outlets of Las Vegas the Las Vegas Premium Outlets the Galleria the Meadows Mall and more.

Weekend Getaways in Las Vegas for Theatre Lovers

Las Vegas is known for its incredible stage productions. The long standing tradition of barely dressed showgirls is still represented by some hotels but most have moved up to classier big ticket productions. The MGM Grand features Ka Cirque du Soleil an act that is simply impossible to understand drawing its inspiration from a variety of cultures and some that may even be invented. Caesars Palace is bringing Cher to its locale to thrill the crowd with a spectacle that could only have Bob Mackie’s stamp on it. The Blue Man Group has become a staple in Las Vegas and can only be found at the Venetian. The only thing to say about the Blue Man Group is if you haven’t seen them then you absolutely should. The Luxor brings magic to a new level with the Criss Angel Believe show which combines magic with incredible Cirque du Soleil productions. And not to be left out of the whole circus thing, the Mirage features LOVE which is a Beatles version of Cirque du Soleil.

Weekend Getaways in Las Vegas for Lovers

Speaking of love, Las Vegas is actually a pretty popular destination for lovers with it’s over the top wedding chapels. In fact, most hotels feature their own wedding chapels so you can create a wedding that best suits your particular style, from a traditional wedding to one performed by Elvis at a drive up. No matter what type of Las Vegas wedding you choose, you’re not alone, more than 120,000 couples get married in Las Vegas every year. To add to the romance, couples in Las Vegas can see the LOVE production at the Mirage featuring Cirque du Soleil’s interpretation of the Beatles. They can visit one of the most romantic sites in the world, or at least a replica of it, the Eiffel Tower. There are so many incredible restaurants with world class chefs in them that it’s almost impossible not to find the perfect spot to share your first meal as a married couple. And to put the cherry on the top of the romance sundae, a gondola ride at the Venetian is bound to make the most stoic heart beat a little bit faster.

And of course, no matter why you’ve chosen to have a weekend getaway in Las Vegas there is always a casino ready to wet your whistle with an alcoholic drink and a one armed bandit or table willing to take your money and support any gambling you feel like doing.
Creative Commons License Photo credit: thinboyfatter