Weekend Getaways in Anaheim

You wouldn’t know it today, but Anaheim, California was actually founded by a group of farmers, grape farmers actually. Today the city is a hoping metropolitan area that is best known for its attraction parts, Disneyland being the most famous. But there is a lot more to do in Anaheim than just hang out with the big mouse. Use one of the following weekend getaway solutions to take advantage of your time and get the most out of Anaheim.

For the golfers in the group, escape the synthetic fun of the amusement parks and get back to nature. Anaheim has two noted golf courses, Anaheim Hills and Dad Miller where you can wile away the hours soaking in the sun and natural beauty of the original rolling hills of Anaheim. Anaheim Hills takes full advantage of the unspoiled land by using the undulating hills, rambling stream, and ancient trees to their advantage and possibly your disadvantage. Dad Miller is a bit less challenging with an easy walking course that appeals for those looking for a relaxing day on the links. Take a couple of days and play both courses, you can even spend your evenings practicing on the lighted driving range.

If you’re a baseball fan, or if a family member is, then the Anaheim Angels offer some unique opportunities for sports fans. Throughout the year there are clinics for budding players and aspiring coaches so baseball enthusiasts can get a hands on feel for how the game is played and the myriad of rules underpinning every move. It’s a rare opportunity to spend your time not only watching an exciting game, but actually becoming a part of it. Who knows, your kid may pick up some tips that can change his or her life.

Looking for a retreat away from everything, the closest thing to a romantic bed and breakfast in Anaheim is the Lemon Tree Hotel. It’s not exactly a quaint, family run B&B but it does have its charm. Not only are there hotel rooms but there are apartments with kitchens for those people looking to spend a little more time in the area. The Lemon Tree refers to itself as a boutique hotel with an Australian flare, but guests will take greater note of the amenities that make you feel at home while away from home.

Shoppers planning on a weekend getaway with a retail theme then the downtown area is where you want to be. With a number of hotels to choose from you can find one close enough that you can literally roll out of bed and begin shopping and not stop until the stores kick you out. Look to find the best shopping at The Block at Orange where it’s nonstop shopping with lots of stores you’ve heard of and some you’ve never experienced. Fashion Island has more than 200 boutiques with enough variety to keep you entertained all day. The Ultimate Shopping Resort boasts more than 280 high end stores for those willing to dump a lot of cash on retail items. And Downtown Disney gives you a little bit of everything and a whole lot of mouse.

If you’re thinking that you can turn Anaheim into your private oasis, then you’ll want to visit the Anaheim Hilton. One of the only local spa facilities that offer accommodations as well. The Hilton features a 25,000 square foot spa & fitness center with a full gym worth of fitness equipment, there are group classes in spinning, core training and yoga, an indoor pool/spa, a full basketball court and proshop. If you think the Hilton is a great place to stay, but not the best place to spa, don’t despair, the town is sprinkled with day spas that give you a taste of different techniques and treatments.

But if you’re coming to Anaheim, you probably really only want to do one thing, and that is experience as many Disney creations as possible. So dive in and experience the world that Walt created.

Disneyland is the ultimate vacation for kids of all ages, even those that are just young at heart, over 500 million visitors can’t be wrong. The park is so much more than originally planned as now it is a resort that lets you enjoy the magic 24 hours a day. From mythical places and imaginary creatures to honest to goodness incredible sights and sounds, Disney is an entertainment heaven for visitors.

If you’re traveling with children and want them to get the most out of your trip to Disneyland, stay at the Disneyland Hotel which keeps you closest to the action that your children will cherish. It’s the vacation that future dreams are made of and past memories that are held on to for a lifetime.

For a different sort of Disney vacation, maybe to those who have been to the magic kingdom too many times, give Disney’s California Adventure Park a whirl. This new take on the magic of a Disney experience still gives you exciting rides and interesting shows, as well as the ubiquitous parade, but the theme is a little different, and isn’t the theme what a theme park is all about anyway? Disney’s California Adventure Park focuses on the history of California with an emphasis on the gold rush, the golden era of Hollywood and the nearby ocean’s appeal.

And, as mentioned before, Downtown Disney is a happening hotspot for an older crowd. The shopping is obviously divine, but there is more to the downtown than simply stores. You can find some of the best dining options around and then stumble in to the House of Blues for live entertainment or head to the AMC theaters for a night of cinematic adventure.

It’s amazing to think that Anaheim was once a peaceful area full of flourishing vineyards but times have changed and Anaheim was definitely moving with the times. If you’re escaping to Anaheim for a weekend getaway you can find a few things to do that will appeal to everyone, but your best bet is really spending the time at a Disney concoction as it really is Anaheim’s most famous landmark.

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