Book Review: Walk Around the British Coasts

You may not have had a chance to see the television series that inspired this book, but if you’re planning a trip to any part of Britain then taking a look at the Coast: The Walks book put out by the BBC will give you lots of ideas for walking outings along British coasts. You may not consider Britain as the ultimate destination for coastal hiking trails, but a quick flick through this book will convince you there is in fact plenty to be seen here.

Coast: The Walks: Over 50 Walks Inspired by the BBC Television Series

Coast: The Walks: Over 50 Walks Inspired by the BBC Television Series

The book is laid out to make it both interesting reading and a useful guide. Fifty-four different walks on the coasts of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland are each described in detail both with maps and by landmarks, with advice on what to look at and where to stop along the way. Each walk is labeled either easy, medium or hard, there is advice on parking your car in a convenient place for each walk, and the distances are given. There are also helpful photographs so you can have a better idea of the landmarks you’re looking for. Plus, each walk includes details of the local tourist information office and their website, so you can get any additional information you need to plan your trip.
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