Voluntourism – A New Trend in Travel

An increasing number of travelers are foregoing the usual beach vacation for something more meaningful. Dubbed “voluntourism,” the concept combines travel with helping others around the globe. A typical trip might involve building homes or schools or caring for wildlife in a nature preserve.

Most voluntourism trips also include free days to explore the area and sightsee. To make finding a trip that’s right for your skills and interests easier, a number of operators have sprung up that organize such trips.

  • STA Travel – This student travel wholesaler offers a wide array of opportunities, including many voluntourism trips.
  • International Volunteer Headquarters – This organization matches individuals with humanitarian projects around the globe for trips beginning at two weeks in length.
  • Earth Watch – Earth Watch travelers supplement field research teams around the world.

So, if the usual, predictable vacation has lost its appeal consider voluntourism.