Visiting Cedar Point Amusement Park

Cedar Point is an amusement park located in Sandusky Ohio. Sandusky is a one and a half hour drive from the city of Cleveland, or a two and a half hour drive from Ohio’s capital city, Columbus. This park is located right on the peninsula of Lake Erie, which is a very appealing vacation spot. Surrounding this amusement park is a one mile long sandy beach. Cedar Point has 75 rides on 364 acres of land. Also located on Cedar Point grounds is Soak City a water park with 12 slides, a huge wave pool and lots of fun ways to cool down.

There are numerous onsite accommodations available at Cedar point. Among these accommodations are Hotel Breaker a beautifully restored hotel that is reminiscent to the park’s earlier days, and Breaker’s Express a more affordable option. Castaway Bay, another resort on Cedar Point property, features an indoor water park. Sandcastle Suites is another Cedar Point resort that houses 187 suites. These larger accommodations are ideal for families. There are many benefits to staying in the Cedar Point resorts. Not only are you within walking distance to the park, you can also enjoy admission to Cedar Point one hour before opening to the general public and you can receive a discount on admission to the park. Many packages are available that include admission to Cedar Point and Soak City.

Cedar Point is known as the roller coaster capital of the world for good reason. This park boasts seventeen roller coasters including three of the top ten steel roller coasters in the world. Among these thrilling rides are The Blue Streak, The Corkscrew, Mantis, a stand up roller coaster, and the Raptur, a suspended looping coaster. Other thrill rides include rides such as Maxair, where riders are spinning and swinging on a giant pendulum, reaching heights of 140 feet. Riders will also experience super thrills on Skyhawk. On this ride two giant arms swing riders to heights of 125 feet at a speed of 60 mph. For those not so brave, there are many other family friendly rides, shows and games to enjoy. At Cedar Point there truly is something enjoyable to do for everyone.

Cedar point opens for the season at the beginning of May and remains open daily through Labor Day. Cedar Point only is only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday after Labor Day and through the end of October. Most days the park is open until 10:00 pm. Admission costs for the 2010 season are as follows: $45.99 for regular admission, $19.99 for Jr/Sr admission, this covers under 48” tall or 62 years old or over. Military admission is 35.99; you must have a valid military ID. For evening admission to the park you can pay 25.99 for a Starlight admission pass. Parking is $10 per day or $15 per day for oversize vehicles requiring 2 spaces.

Creative Commons License Photo credit: Andrew 94