Visiting the Pyramids in Egypt

Visiting the pyramids in Egypt? A lot of visitors to Egypt are surprised that the famous pyramids of Giza are so close to the capital city of Cairo – in fact, they’re really just like a suburb! If you’re lucky enough to be traveling to Egypt, some handy tips for making the most of your visit to the pyramids include:

  • Take a taxi to the pyramids if you decide not to take a tour – and go early to avoid the major tourist crowds. This will also help you avoid some of the heat – make sure you have a hat, sunscreen and water with you, too.
  • It’s also important to get there early if you want to be sure to get a ticket to get inside one of the pyramids – the number of tickets issued each day is very small compared to the number of visitors who arrive.
  • When confronted by locals selling souvenirs, be aware that the initial price they tell you will be far, far higher than the realistic value for whatever they’re selling – they expect you to bargain with them heavily.
  • Seeing the Sphinx doesn’t cost any extra and it is a short walk away from the pyramids.
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