Visiting the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie

It’s over twenty years now since the Berlin Wall came down, and Germans will soon be celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the reunification of east and west Germany, too. When you visit Berlin, there are numerous ways to experience this history, centering around the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie, and including these popular tourist attractions:

  • East Side Gallery: Most of the wall has come down and been sold off in tiny chunks to collectors across the world, but Berliners have preserved a relatively long stretch of the wall along Muehlenstrasse – you’ll most likely have seen pictures of the famous murals on it, many of which were touched up for the twentieth anniversary of the Fall of the Wall.
  • Berlin Wall Memorial: Found on Bernauer Strasse, it includes the Documentation Centre, which is a detailed historical museum aimed at educating the public on all aspects of the Wall’s history, and there is also a lookout over parts of the Wall.
  • Postdamer Platz: This new development where the Wall used to stand is another place you can see some preserved remnants of the Berlin Wall.
  • Checkpoint Charlie: This famous checkpoint has been more or less “recreated” at its original spot and is now a popular place to get your photo taken.
  • Haus am Checkpoint Charlie: More impressive than the checkpoint itself, this museum is located right next to it and is a fascinating display of memorabilia related to the Berlin Wall, including tales of those who escaped – or attempted to escape – into West Germany.

Creative Commons License Photo credit: Fiore S. Barbato

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