Visit South Australia’s Kangaroo Island

With a name like Kangaroo Island, you’d expect this place to be home to a decent number of those cute Australian hopping animals, and it is – in fact it has its own variety, aptly named the Kangaroo Island kangaroo! But there is a lot more to see and do on this island, south-west of Adelaide, and it’s gaining fame as an eco-resort with many varied activities for visitors, including:

roo at Capricorn Caves-Maedi.883Creative Commons License Photo credit: Maedi.

roo at Capricorn Caves

  • Spotting a koala – although they are an introduced species on the island, they are thriving, and this is one of the few places in Australia where it’s relatively likely that you will see on in the wild.
  • Swimming with dolphins or seeing wildlife on a nocturnal tour.
  • Watching the penguins on their nightly parade.
  • Visiting the seal colony and taking a guided walk along their beach.
  • Exploring the Flinders Chase National Park.
  • Sandboarding on the “Little Sahara” desert dunes.
  • Spending a day on one of the best beaches in Australia, Vivonne Bay.

You can reach Kangaroo Island by ferry from the mainland or fly in from Adelaide, and there are now numerous accommodation options including the Southern Ocean Lodge, a pretty pricey but luxurious lodge which has been getting rave reviews lately. Check the official Kangaroo Island website for more information.
Creative Commons License photo credit: PoweriPics