Visit Mont Saint Michel in France

Mont Saint Michel is the kind of place that many of us have seen photographs of without realizing where or what it is – but it’s also a place well worth visiting. Found on the northern coast of France, less than a mile offshore, this island and its castle-like abbey have that fairytale quality of being in the middle of nowhere, and for good reason it has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

To visit Mont Saint Michel, you need to get up to Normandy, and this is usually about a four hour trip from Paris by road. From near the town of Pontorson there is a causeway by which you can reach the island, and once you get onto the island you’ll find it is a walled city with only two entrances, so it’s pretty easy to find your way around on foot.

You can go inside the Abbey of Mont Saint Michel nearly every day of the year and there are also numerous restaurants and cafes. As you’d imagine, this is a fairly popular tourist destination and it can be quite crowded in high summer, so time your visit for a quieter time of year if you can. Alternatively, you might find that the best part of Mont Saint Michel is seeing it from the outside, where there are numerous opportunities for keen photographers to get a fairytale shot.
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