What are Virgin Atlantic Luggage Policies?

If you are flying Virgin Atlantic you need to be aware of their luggage policies. This holds true for bags that you will check, as well as items that you may wish to carry on with you. While Virgin Atlantic is not too strict in this area, you should realize that there are some details that may change the way that you fly.

First things first, Virgin Atlantic baggage allowances are based on your route, as well as your ticket type. For routes including Transatlantic, Caribbean, Nigeria, and Kenya, each passenger is allowed two check two pieces of luggage.

Passengers on an economy ticket can check two bags with each one weighing up to 50 pounds. Premium economy passengers can check two bags weighing up to 70 pounds each. If you are flying upper class you can check three bags with each one weighing up to 70 pounds. No matter where you are seated, each bag must not exceed 62 inches when adding the width, depth, and height.

Virgin Atlantic passengers should also be aware that excess and overweight baggage fees do apply. These fees are based on the number of additional bags, the weight, and your final destination. For instance, an economy passenger flying to the United States are allowed two pieces of luggage. Any additional bags are charged at a rate of $150 for each flight.

Virgin Atlantic luggage policies can be confusing. If you are unsure of your restrictions, your best bet is to directly contact Virgin Atlantic to clarify your situation.

By: JamesZ_FlickrCreative Commons License

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