Does Virgin Atlantic Charge for Luggage?

Virgin Atlantic has two types of baggage allowances. In order to calculate possible fees, you must aware of these policies. Flights to and from the United States, Caribbean, Jamaica, Cuba, Kenya and Nigeria are based on the number of checked bags. Flights to and from South Africa, China, Mauritius, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Dubai and Australia are based on the overall weight of the luggage.

Travelers who need to check one bag will be not be charged. Travelers that need  more than 1 bag will be charged $48 for each additional bag. Upper Class passengers checking more than two bags will also be charged $48 for each additional bag.

If you wish to check baggage that weighs more than the allowance, you will be charged a fee of $70 per bag for each flight. For exact charges by weight contact Virgin Atlantic as the fees regularly change.

Most passengers flying on Virgin Atlantic never incur luggage charges. That being said, if you need to check an extra bag or one that is over the weight allowance, you will be slapped with a fee of up to $150 depending on the situation.

By: Mark WinterbourneCreative Commons License

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