Does Virgin Atlantic Charge for Heavy Baggage?

Virgin Atlantic charges for heavy baggage depending on your travel route. Flights to and from South Africa, China, Mauritius, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Dubai and Australia are subject to the airline’s weight system. If you are worried about being charged for heavy baggage, your best bet is to keep the total weight of each piece of luggage under 50 pounds if flying on an economy ticket, or 70 pounds if flying as a premium economy or upper class passenger.

Virgin Atlantic explains their heavy baggage charges as follows:

“Excess baggage charges are based on 1.5% of the highest normal direct adult one way Premium Economy Class fare (W class) irrespective of the fare paid by yourself, and are per kg excess.”

Their website also states that all rates are subject to change, and are meant to be a guideline. For updated heavy baggage fees, contact Virgin Atlantic reservations.

When compared to other airlines it is easy to see that Virgin Atlantic has a complex system for assessing heavy baggage fees. To avoid confusion, attempt to keep your bags within the proper limit or contact the airline before flying.

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