Using Car Seats on Airplanes

If you are going to be traveling with a child who weighs less than forty pounds, you should strongly consider using a car seat on the plane. Despite the fact that car seats are not required by the law (or by any specific airlines), they are highly recommended by child safety experts. They help to keep kids safely tucked in to their seats, and they make the flight more comfortable for most kids which makes it easier for you!

Car seats should be used for all kids who way less than forty pounds. Kids that weigh less than twenty pounds will need a forward-facing car seat whereas kids weighing between twenty and forty pounds can use a rear-facing car seat. You can use the same car seat that you use in your car, provided that it is airplane-compatible (just look for a label, it’ll be there if it is).

You should let your flight attendant know before boarding time that you are traveling with a child and will be using a car seat on the flight. In most cases, you will be allowed to board the plane before everyone else so you can strap in the car seat. You’ll want to put your child in the seat closest to the window so that no one has to go around the car seat to get out into the aisle.

Sure the car seat is another thing to carry, but you’re going to need it for the rental car when you get to where you’re going. And it will make your whole flight easier. Not to mention that you’ll rest well knowing that you’re keeping the child that you’re traveling with as safe as you can.