What are United Luggage Policies?

United recently updated their checked baggage policy. If you are going to be flying on this airline, it is important to be aware of these changes. While they will not affect every traveler, many will be faced with additional fees as well as restrictions on what can be checked.

First things first, you should know that traveling on an economy ticket will result in a service charge of $15 for the first checked bag. The second bag will cost $25.

Anybody flying United, with the exception of those in the frequent flier program, will be allowed to check one bag free of charge. A second bag is accompanied by a fee of $25.

Excess, overweight, or oversized baggage may incur additional fees. The oversize baggage fee is $125 per bag. For excess baggage, you will be charged up to $250 per bag depending on your flying status and the nature of your luggage. Overweight baggage, or the maximum weight per bag, is once again determined by your flying status. For instance, a mileage plus member is allowed to check a bag with a maximum of 50 pounds. For anything over this, a fee of $125 is assessed.

United recently implemented many of the details and fees associated with their luggage policy. For now, expect things to stay the same at United. If you are unsure of any detail, it would be in your best interest to call the airline before heading to the airport.

By: CliffCreative Commons License