Does United Airlines Charge for Luggage?

If you are going to fly in today’s world, you need to know that some airlines charge for checked luggage. This is becoming more and more common. Airlines are losing more money than ever before, and by charging for checked baggage they can add an additional stream of income.

United Airlines charges $25 for the first bag.  If you need to check more than one bag you should be aware that United charges a fee of $35.

Additionally, you may incur additional fees for oversized, overweight, or excess baggage. This all depends on the items that you are checking. For instance, an oversize bag is going to cost you $125. If you are unsure of the items you are checking, it is better to call in advance than to be surprised at the airport.

If you need to check more than one bag, or one that is oversized or overweight, be prepared to pay an additional fee.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Joi