Does United Charge for Heavy Baggage?

If you are flying United Airlines and need to check heavy baggage, there is a good chance that you are going to be charged an overweight fee. Of course, this depends mainly on the weight of the luggage you are checking and your flying status.

Generally speaking, if you are flying as a normal passenger you can check one bag, up to 50 pounds, free of charge. If you belong to one of United’s frequent flying programs, such as Star Alliance Gold or Premier Associate, you will be able to check a heavier bag, up to 100 pounds, without being charged an additional fee.

How much does United charge for baggage that is deemed overweight? At this time, the fee is $125. This fee was put in place on August 18, 2008 and should stay this way for the time being. If you know that you will be exceeding the weight limit, you may want to call United to ensure that the fee is the same as stated above.

United does charge if you need to check heavy baggage. The company refers to this as an overweight baggage fee. Unless you belong to one of United’s many flying programs, your bag may not exceed 50 pounds. If it does, a fee of $125 will be assessed.

By: prayitnoCreative Commons License