Tunisia: An alternative African destination

While many Europeans know the northern African country of  Tunisia as a great place for beach holidays, the wealth of culture and history to be explored here is less well known. Tunisia is a safe nation to visit; it’s small and easy to get around; and it’s full of an incredible variety of places to see. It’s truly a something for everybody destination. Highlights include:

  • Bardo Museum: In the capital, Tunis, this impressive museum houses many ancient artifacts and particularly a large collection of mosaics from Roman times.
  • El Jem Amphitheater: Resembling the Colosseum in Rome, this amazing structure at El Jem in central Tunisia can almost make you feel a gladiator fight is about to take place.
  • Sahara Festival: Held at the end of every year in Douz, south-east Tunisia, on the edge of the Sahara Desert. They hold camel races and cultural festivities. Douz is a great destination even without the festival as a base for treks into the desert.
  • Sidi Bou Said: With the classic white and blue paint reminiscent of the Greek islands, Sidi Bou Said is located a short train ride north of the capital, Tunis. It has all the spirit and atmosphere of a classic seaside resort but without the overdevelopment.

Creative Commons License Photo credit: eugenijusr