Traveling with children – Thought of Oaxaca, Mexico?

Traveling with children adds a whole extra dimension to the travel planning process. You have to think about the distances involved – no normal child enjoys spending too long in a plane or car – as well as the activities there that might entertain them, plus whether they will eat the food available, and so on. Recently Lonely Planet released a Traveling With Children guide that addresses a lot of these issues and gives tips on how to make traveling with children more satisfying, but most interesting, it also included their list of the Top Ten places to take children around the world, which has been doing the rounds of newspapers this week. There are quite a few surprises on their list.

In first place: Mexico

It wouldn’t have sprung to my mind as the number one pick for a place to travel with children to, but the Lonely Planet people have put Oaxaca in Mexico at the top of the list: they say its relatively small size makes it easy to explore on foot and it is colorful and lively enough to keep children well entertained.

European destinations for kids

A number of European cities make the top ten list too. London is an obvious place with lots of hands-on museums, parks and even just the interest of the bright red double-decker buses to captivate kids. In Denmark, Copenhagen has the big advantage of the famous Tivoli Gardens amusement park to entertain children while Rome also gets a mention – for many reasons, but perhaps the most important one for kids is the presence of the famous, delicious gelato.

North American child-friendly destinations

Vancouver makes the list in fifth place mainly because of its huge variety of outdoor attractions – every kid loves to play outside, right? Los Angeles gets in one place higher thanks to the proliferation of amusement parks like Disneyland and Universal Studios.

Asia and beyond

A trip to Singapore is a great way to introduce children to Asia, because it’s a cleaner, safer version of the rest of the continent. Further afield, Sydney is also considered by the Lonely Planet people to be a great destination for travelers with kids – not least because of the opportunity to meet kangaroos and koalas. Sydney also has a good climate for getting outdoors, lots of fun ferry rides and a lot of beautiful beaches to enjoy.