Tips for traveling during pregnancy

Can you travel when you’re pregnant? Sure, traveling during pregnancy is usually safe but there are limitations.

Not too early: Some doctors will recommend you avoid traveling by plane in the early months, when miscarriage is most likely to happen, or if you have a history of miscarriage.

Not too late: Obviously you don’t want to fly too late into pregnancy as you wouldn’t want to go into labor on the road, or in the air for that matter. Airlines also don’t want you to go into labor on their watch and many of them don’t allow passengers who are close to their due date. Contact the airline to find out what their restrictions are before you book.

Safety first: You’ll have to wear a seatbelt when you travel, whether by air or land so purchase a lap belt extender if necessary or check to see if the airline has some available.

Circulate that blood: Use rest stops when on the road to take walks and keep your blood circulating. If you’re in the air, choose an aisle seat so you can get up and stretch a few times, it also puts you in a better position for bathroom breaks.

Bring snacks: You don’t always know when snacks will be available and if they’re something you want to eat, so bring your own snacks and stay on the schedule you’ve established.

If you have any questions about travel during your pregnancy, check with your doctor, they’ll know more about what your body and your baby can handle.

By: Illusive PhotographyCC BY 2.0