Travel Tips for Dieters

If you’re on a diet and traveling you can ruin your entire diet routine or you can ruin your vacation by being too regimented. So, how do you find a happy medium where you can enjoy yourself and not destroy your healthy eating plan?

The first thing you need to do is get educated. You may have already done this when you started your diet but you may need a bit of a refresher course. Learn what the local cuisine is and what the calorie content is. If you’re concerned about other aspects of your diet check out those areas as well. This will help you determine if the sushi is a splurge or a healthy choice. Or which dessert is going to blow the diet for a week versus a dessert that will simply require an extra scenic hike. When you make your food choices you want to be educated on what is healthy and what isn’t.

Being proactive is also a great way to avoid extra calories, sugar, cholesterol or fat. Bring your own snacks so you aren’t tempted to grab something on the go that’s less healthy. And a good dieter knows that having healthy regular snacks prevents you from overeating later.

And finally, SPLURGE. Don’t go overboard and undo any good you’ve done, but make a point of trying some local cuisine treats and enjoying your vacation destination. There is really no rule that says you can’t share meals or desserts or that you have to finish every last bite. Use moderation but allow yourself a few extra treats while on vacation.

Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: Flickr/Ed Yourdon