Travel Tips – Don’t Blow Your Holiday Budget

Holidays are expensive, there’s no denying it: transport, accommodation, tours, meals, activities, shows and gifts – if there’s anything left at all. Even at resorts or on cruises, the so-called “all expenses included” holidays tend to be ridden with hidden costs, extra fees and ‘special, non-inclusive’ activities. Here are a few tips to save you from busting your budget.

• Purchase Responsibly. Be wary of gift and toys that don’t seem to have any particular value beyond their novelty value of that particular moment. Ask yourself, or your child: “Will you really use this when you get back home.” If the answer is no, or maybe, just walk away.

• Take Downtime. At resorts or on cruises, there is a tendency to spend all your time on activities supplied by the tour company in question. Sit down, read a book, or start writing a journal. Your holiday is the only chance you will get to stop and smell the roses, as it were, so take advantage of it. If this kind of relaxation isn’t your cup of tea, then check out the internet, free Wi-Fi connections are available all over the place these days, and the net offers loads of games and activities like free bingo, mind puzzles, and free news and articles from magazines that would usually cost over $10 a pop.

• Exercise. Most resorts have free gyms (and of course pools, but they aren’t always so friendly to those who want to swim laps). Go down and have a good workout, as a week of sitting around and overeating can actually have a depressive effect on the body.

If the gym or the downtime isn’t for you, then take a nice walk in the surrounding nature; you probably won’t be in this particular part of the world again, so why not enjoy it!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Tracy O

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