Travel Product: Travel Computer Bag

If you’re going to be traveling, whether it’s for work or pleasure, many people bring a laptop with them wherever they go, no matter what the reason. Did you know that some airlines are currently charging a fee for any bag checked, even the first one you check.

262009_70316-pmIf you’re a good packer, you can make things a lot easier for yourself and take up some of the burden involved with traveling by purchasing a computer bag carry on that can carry most of your travel necessities. London Fog makes a computer bag on wheels that serves this purpose pretty well.

You have to be very organized and able to do without a lot of luxuries, but for quick trips it’s absolutely possible to pack your computer and a couple days worth of clothing and your toiletries in this handy computer bag carry on. The wheels are an extra convenient feature, as your computer bag can get quite heavy when carried over the shoulder, but with telescoping handle and free-moving wheels, you can cruise through the airport with even the tightest layover schedules.

If you search longer you may be able to find a computer bag that’s even a bit larger and one that can accommodate more stuff, but make sure you check with the airlines to see what they’re currently accepting as carry ons, it seems that as they get stricter and try to soak customers for even more money the carry on size shrinks a little.

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