The Hempstead House Travel Photo of the Moment

The Hempstead House, which also has a second castle attached to it called Castle Gould, is a huge estate located in Sands Point, New York in the Sands Point Preserve. The house has three floors and forty rooms and is characterized by an 80-foot tower. The house was originally meant to be an exact replica Kilkenny Castle, an Irish castle built in 1195.  It was built in 1900 by Howard Goland and was completed in 1912. It is now owned by Nassau County after it was sold to the Navy  and then given to the county. The Hempstead House was the set for various movies such as “Malcolm X”, “Scent of a Woman” and “Great Expectations”. It’s a popular tourist attraction, you can tour throughout the house and see the remains of the old gardens, the aviary that was full of various exotic bird species, the library, and the old  rooms with antique furniture in the castle.  There is also new and flourishing gardens around the castles that are beautiful and full of a wide array of different plant and flower species, there is a gift shop where you can buy some of the flowers and other different souvenirs inside the shop. The Hempstead House is a unique place to visit on Long Island, especially if you’re planning a wedding. Weddings are often held in the gardens or castle, make sure to check at the information centers for more on planning an event  at the Hempstead House.