Travel Photo of the Moment Midui Glacier in Tibet

The Travel Photo of the Moment is of Midui Glacier in Tibet and was taken by reurinkjan

Tibet is a plateau inside of Asia. Tibeten people often make some money by farming the land, their crops include buckwheat, rye, potatoes, wheat and fruits and vegetables. However, due to limited land, people make their living mostly by raising livestock, such as sheep, goats. cattle, and more.

The Midui Glacier is located in the Yupu Township of Tibet. The monsoon marine glacier was formed by the convergence of two ice waterfalls, which in turn surrounds an incredibly lush forest. This creates an impressive natural juxtaposition of an imposing glacier behind an unassuming green landscape. The area is home to a strange array of scenery located in close proximity, a selection that is seemingly impossible to have at any one time of the year.

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