Travel Photo of the Moment Albarracin Spain

The Travel Photo of the Moment is of Albarracin Spain and was taken by Reinante El Pintor de Fuego

Albarracín (IX) (NO HDR)-Reinante El Pintor de Fuego319

Creative Commons License Photo credit: Reinante El Pintor de Fuego

Albarracin is a Spanish town located in the province of Teruel. While only about 1,100 people call Albarracin home, the town has become an immensely popular tourist destination for visitors to Spain because of the striking Spanish architecture and the natural beauty of Albarracin’s surroundings. The medieval city is most well-known for unique layout of its streets, as well as for its quaint churches. The Sierra de Albarracín mountains are nearby. The town is named after the Al Banū Razín family who used to control the land when it was in Muslim rule. It is a great place to visit.

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