Travel Photo of the Moment Leopard in the Masai Mara

The Travel Photo of the Moment is of a leopard in the Masai Mara and was taken by Mara 1

Southwest Kenya is home to the Masai Mara — a giant park reserve, in fact, it is the largest game reserve in Southwest Kenya. The name is the combination of the native people of the area (Maasai) and a local river (Mara River), it is home to many animals including wildebeests, gazelles, antelopes, topis, giraffes and zebras, all of which thrive in the beautiful and diverse ecosystem inside the park reserve. Entering the Masai Mara reserve park costs about $40 for adults. The reserve was founded in 1961, it currently covers 583 square miles.  The reserve  also serves as a research center, there are studies on the behavior of the animals that live throughout the park. Lion populations are monitored closely,  as well as spotted hyena. Come visit this diverse and exotic park for a wonderful experience in Masai Mara.