Flowers in Death Valley – Travel Photo of the Moment

The Travel Photo of the Moment is of Flowers in Death Valley

Death Valley is located in the Mojave desert in eastern California. It is the lowest area in North America at 282 feet below sea level. Death Valley National Park is mostly made up of the desert valley. Death valley has a basin and range geological configuration. Inside Death Valley there is long, extremely hot summers and fairly mild winter climates. The hottest temperature ever recorded was a sweltering 113 degrees!

When visiting Death Valley National Park there are many accommodations the park has to offer. You can bring your RV or trailer and rent a space in the Stovepipe Wells Village. If you would like or more close-to-home stay, then you can get a room at Furnace Creek Inn, Furnace Creek Ranch, or Panamint Springs Resort. There is also a couple different restaurants inside the Village and Inns. Death Valley National Park also offers year-round campgrounds in various locations around the park.

Death Valley National Park also has a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Hiking is popular and safest in the months of October to April, since the summer temperatures get too high. Most of the hiking is trail-less but it’s fairly easy to navigate around the area. Mountain Biking is also a popular activity available on more than 785 miles around the park. Some of the indoor activities include visiting the three visitor centers. Furnace Creek Visitor Center is where all of the park history and information can be found. Scotty’s Castle & Visitor Center is a lavish mansion built in the 1920’s that you can take guided tours inside. Borax Museum is the home of a collection of minerals and gemstones that were found in Death Valley.