Multnomah Falls – Travel Photo of the Moment

The Travel Photo of the Moment is of Multnomah Falls.

Multnomah Falls is located in the Colombian River Gorge National Scenic Area in Portland, Oregon. There are two parts of the falls, the upper half which is 562 feet, and the lower falls which is 69 feet. It is the second tallest year-round waterfall in the United States, it is also the tallest waterfall in Oregon. The springs coming from Larch Mountain supply the waterfall with its water source; it’s flow is highest during winter and spring due to the melting ice.

Around the Colombian River Gorge are various hiking trails which offer scenic views of the area throughout the year. The most popular trail begins at the Multnomah Falls Lodge, which supplies the tourists with gift shops, restrooms, and a tourist center. Next it leads you to the Benson Bridge, one of the most famous and photographed bridges in the United States. As you continue on the trail you get to see the Colombian River. It then takes you 1.2 miles and leads you 600 feet up to the top of the falls to a beautiful view of the scenery through the designated viewpoints. Once you reach the top you have the option to adventure onto more trails, such as the Wahkeena Loop Trail, which is 6 miles long. Tourists rave that the hikes are colorful and exciting to visit at any time of the year. Fishing is another one of the activities that our offered. You can choose from 3 different locations to fish in.

During your visit you can camp at one of the 44 campsites available. All of which include a fire grate, a table and a tent or trailer space. Camping is safe and fun in Multnomah Falls!