Make Your Travel Life-Changing By Traveling Magically

Travelling Magically: How To Turn Your Journey Into a Life-Changing Experience is a new book that’s a bit different to most of the books you find on the travel shelves, but I think there might be quite a big niche for it. It’s basically about how you can travel using your intuition, and whether or not you share the spiritual views of the author, Dr Rima Morrell, you can probably learn something from this book about how to get more out of your travels.

There are five main principles that the entire idea is based on: following your intuition, being spontaneous, traveling off the beaten track, integrating your trip into your life journey, and being prepared for “mystical experiences”. Without a doubt, the first three of these will lead you to more interesting travel experiences, and the concrete advice gets down to things like finding locally-owned hotels rather than staying in international chains and eating the cuisine native to the country you’re traveling in rather than going to a fast food chain – all very sound advice.

The book is quite an odd combination of the spiritual and the practical, and also covers topics like safety and security, working abroad and timing your visit to coincide with mainstream festivals. For those who are immediately attracted to such a book, it’s really a treasure trove; and for others who might be more skeptical, there’s actually a wealth of useful information and tips inside.