Travel Books: New From Rough Guides in 2010

Rough Guides Europe on a Budget

It’s been a while since we checked in on the new travel guide books being produced by Rough Guides, and they’ve had a busy start to the 2010 publishing year. You’re in luck if you’re planning a trip to any of the following destinations, because they have hot off the press guides ready for you:

  • At almost 1300 pages, the second edition of the Europe on a Budget guide is not something light to stuff in the corner of your backpack, but it is pretty comprehensive – and for the first time it also covers Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia and Bosnia-Hercegovina.
  • For a city that really needs no more introduction, Rough Guides has produced their 12th edition of a guide to Paris – the old versions were already pretty good so the new one is simply an updated version.
  • With Asia being such a popular destination for gap year travelers and backpackers on a budget, the new edition of the First-Time Asia Rough Guide is useful – it covers 21 different Asian countries with lots of tips for first-timers.
  • Just in time for the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, there is a new edition of the Cape Town, The Winelands & the Garden Route guide for the western corner of South Africa.
  • Finally, still pumping out lots of detailed Italian guides, there is a new edition of Venice & the Veneto, also published in February 2010.

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