Cloud Hosting Services: The Perfect Traveler’s Companion

Traveling with laptops and other portable computing devices is becoming more and more common. Not only are computers getting smaller, but we’re relying on them for more everyday functions. Yet any traveler knows the risk of bringing along expensive equipment. Computers rank among the most commonly stolen items when traveling. Leave it in the wrong […]

Buildings of Snow and Ice

Ice.  It is quite literally the greenest building material on Earth.  Pure solid water.  What other type of building dissolves harmlessly back into our rivers when it is no longer needed?  But it doesn’t stop there.  When one says “green” and “environmentally friendly”, all to often the word that hides just below the surface is […]

22 Train Stations from Across the Globe

In today’s modern world with airplanes jetting around the globe, sometimes we forget how travel got its big start. Cross country trains and railroads were one of the first big steps in making travel accessible to everyone. Major metropolises like New York City built enormous railway terminals like Grand Central Station and Pennsylvania Station to […]

Top 10 Romantic Hotels in the United States

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Trip Advisor, the popular travel Web site, has posted their choices for the top 10 romantic hotels in America. Although I agree with many of their choices, I find it surprising that all they chose nothing east of Phoenix. What about New England? or Miami’s South Beach? or New […]

Slim Down: Travel With A Tablet Instead Of A Laptop

While there are some lucky folks among us who can travel the world carefree, many of us have matters that require regular attention. In other words, some of us need to work and earn some money to fund our excursions. That normally means toting along a laptop. While this has become less of a burden […]

Ice Hotels from Sweden, Quebec, and Finland

Ice hotels represent one of the most unique travel experiences you can have, as many of the hotels have to be rebuilt from scratch every year. Sleeping in real fur blankets on bed carved from blocks of ice might not be for everyone, but it is an experience you will never forget.

The Best Tablet Computers for Traveling

Are you familiar with Moore’s Law? It essentially states that computer processing speed will double every 18 months. That’s great news for frequent travelers — or any travelers for that matter. It not only means that computers will grow faster, but also that they will grow smaller, since a greater number of transistors can fit […]

Coolest Ways to Travel the World on Someone Else’s Dime

I’d say that out of all the things I love, I love to travel the most, which is why when I graduated from the University of Texas I seriously considered just moving away and starting fresh somewhere new. But, alas, responsibilities, commitments and otherwise, prevented me from making that fresh start right away. I got […]

Kiva Microlending Website

So a friend sent me a link to a website that lets you lend money to businesses in developing countries to help them grow their businesses. Please check it out and see if there’s anyway you can help even $25 will make a difference, check out the Kathika Profile.

Disneyland at Halloween

Disneyland, in Anaheim California just south of Los Angeles, is fun for young and not-so-young all year round, but the original Disney theme park really puts on a show for Halloween. The celebration, dubbed HalloweenTime, lasts from mid-September through October 31 and begins when you approach the park. The giant floral arrangement in front of […]

Liverpool’s year of culture begins

Each year in Europe, two cities are named to be the continents Capitals of Culture for the year. It gives sometimes little-known cities the chance to make their name on the world scene – like one of this year’s Capitals, the town of Stavanger in Norway – and others the opportunity to recover a reputation. […]

Shark Information Websites

Anybody interested in sharks can find plenty of free information online. You don’t have to do your own research or buy hundreds of dollars in books to learn more about sharks and related topics. Once you know which websites about sharks are the best, you can rely on them to increase your knowledge base.

Travel The World For Less: East Coast Wine Expo’s

If you enjoy the tastes and smells of far-away lands, you’ll take great delight in a large-scale wine tasting. Most small wine-shop tastings offer only a few bottles to try and perhaps some cheese and crackers. For a flat rate, a wine expo typically offers you the pick of hundreds of wines. You’ll be able […]

A walk through the Tour de France

The 95th Tour de France starts July 5. This year the tour will begin in Brittany where the tour has started six times before. Choosing the route, which alters every year, begins three years in advance and must take several factors into account: International regulations: Rules stipulate that the course not exceed 3,500 kilometers spread […]

Got the Snow Bug? Find an Affordable Winter Holiday

If the 2010 Toronto Winter Olympic Games TM gave you the itch to get out and have your own winter adventure, then you are not alone. In what is left of the winter you can expect that many large resorts are going to be teeming with snow lovers both new and seasoned. Here are some […]

Best Places to Celebrate July 4th

July 4th.  Now sure, any time you refer to the Fourth of July as America’s birthday, some know-it-all will point out that the Declaration of Independence wasn’t signed precisely on that day.  But a date had to be picked, and that’s the one the founding fathers chose.  Today, July 4th is marked by one of […]

Eco Vacations For Everyone

When it comes to vacation ideas, green is the new black. Eco vacations are becoming more and more popular as travelers seek experiences that enable them to get close to nature without leaving a mark. So what’s an eco vacation and where do you find one?

Postcards Struggle to Find Their Place in a Digital Age

Postcards used to be every traveler’s favorite way of keeping friends and family updated on their trips with short prose and whimsical “wish you were here!”s. Today, though, the digital ages has threatened postcards with email, social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace, and even travel-themed ecards and digital postcards.

Newest Guide Book Offerings from Bradt

Bradt Travel Guides, coming out of Britain, have developed a good repuation for covering the more unusual destinations across the world or more traveled places with a unique viewpoint, and for covering all of these with detailed information and balanced coverage. They’ve been expanding in recent years and in the last few months, a number […]