Tour the World’s Smallest “Nations”

Lonely Planet’s Micro Nations is a travel guide book with a difference. It’s a tour of the world’s “micro nations” – tiny pieces of land that think they’re legitimate nations. Technically speaking, some of them are, at least according to a 1993 convention, but neither the United Nations or any other “real” country agree.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take the chance to visit some of them. This guide book is divided into three sections, splitting the fifty-odd micro nations into three groups:

  • The first includes the most legitimate of micro nations, like Sealand, the old sea fort off the coast of England, and Christiania, the hippy district inside Copenhagen.
  • The middle section covers micro nations that are basically made by someone on their land: North Dumpling Island, for example, off the coast of Connecticut, where (self-proclaimed) Lord Dumpling has his own wind turbine.
  • The final third of Micro Nations covers countries that are really just at a fantasy stage, including parts of Antarctica and the (bet you’ve never heard of this) Dominion of British West Florida.

Whether you want to visit a micro nation, simply enjoy reading about all these unofficial nations, or are thinking of starting your own, the Micro Nations guidebook will definitely tell you all kinds of information you never knew before.