Top Dance Clubs in Las Vegas

Las Vegas no longer means just gambling the night away, now you can really get your groove on in this happening city. Las Vegas simply isn’t what it used to be, buffets are expensive, hotels are pricey and have much more than just one-armed bandits, and a chic young crowd has taken over and no night on the town is complete without spending some time ripping it up on the dance floor.

jet_0011Jet Nightclub at the Mirage

Huge to say the least, Jet Nightclub at the Mirage’s 15,000 square foot club features three rooms, each with its own unique feel and sound. In the main room you’ll find today’s most popular music including hip hop, rock and pop. If you’re a DJ fan then head to the room featuring guest and international DJs who spin their own sounds. And if you’re a little bit retro then there is a room for you which focuses on an eclectic mix of dance hits from current to the ’80s. The décor throughout Jet is ultra modern and sleek with self proclaimed attention paid to every detail. Guests may not notice every detail but they’ll certainly take note of the state-of-the-art cryogenic effects systems, the one-of-a-kind light and laser grid and the best sound design technology available. In addition to three areas for dancing, there are four full service bars and European bottle service, if you wish, is available in each room.

PURE party for MIX07/SilverlightPure at Caesars Palace

Pure at Caesars Palace is owned by sports stars Shaquille O’Neal, Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf and singing sensation Celine Dion. This two-story, 36,000 square foot club also features three distinctly different rooms, although the sound is not how each room is delineated. All rooms have DJ accompaniment and are actually more segregated by the crowd in attendance. The main room is for everyone with three bars, a dance floor and beds abound. The second room, or the Red Room, is for VIPs only and is a more cozy, intimate affair. Take the staircase or glass elevator to the terrace and you’ll find a dance floor and private cabanas for small parties. If you like to party outside, then this 14,000 square foot fits the bill as the largest outdoor, year-round venue in Las Vegas and the views are amazing.

TaoTAO Nightclub, Asian Bistro and TAO Beach

Originally a happening Asian bistro in New York, TAO moved to Las Vegas and brought the party with them. Housed in the Venetian Hotel, TAO still is a super delicious Asian bistro but now it’s also so much more. Draped in velvet and silk, TAO attempts to disguise its famous clientele with soft Asian lighting, decor and a 16 foot tall Buddha, but fails to keep the attention off of itself. Noted as one of the most popular nightclubs in the area, TAO Nightclub features one hopping dance floor with a steady DJ beat of house music, hip hop, and R&B. for a break from the action, head out to the terrace or one of the multiple bars for a refreshment.

TrystTryst at Wynn Las Vegas

The waterfall at Tryst at Wynn Las Vegas is so stunning you really won’t believe it until you see it, and it’s a great excuse to visit the club as this is a must-see attraction. But don’t be mislead to believe that this 94-foot waterfall is all that Tryst has to offer. This 12,000 square foot club is completely unbelievable with an indoor/outdoor dance floor that protrudes 15 feet into a man-made lagoon in the middle of the desert. Grassy lounge areas and private nooks make this oasis in the desert more intimate than one would imagine and after spending a long time waiting in line for entrance into this club you’ll be happy to sit back and soak in the atmosphere. Tryst is a place where all are welcome (as long as you fulfill the dress code) so the elite may be hard to find if you’re looking for fame and fortune.

Studio 54 in Las VegasStudio 54 at the MGM Grand

What was may never be again, but Las Vegas’s own, unique twist on the famed Studio 54 is sure a hit in its own right. Studio 54 at the MGM Grand takes advantage of the multiple level trend that has hit dance clubs in bigger cities in the last few years and MGM takes it up a notch with four levels of beautiful people dancing and grooving the night away. Each level has its own dance floor and fully stocked bars with an ever changing array of music from classic disco to modern hip hop. The atmosphere is trendy warehouse and the decorative focus is clearly the crowd of wanna be celebrities with a few actual persons of note. Keep your eyes peeled and you may notice the moon that hung over the door of the original Studio 54.

SearchBash Pubcon 2008Rain in the Desert at Palms

Another theme you’ll find in Las Vegas is water, too many businesses try to prove that they have conquered the arid oasis with scads of water, Rain in the Desert at Palms evokes this concept and then adds to it with more special effects than one can imagine. Entrance is granted (after a terribly long wait in line) over one of the two drawbridges and you’re greeted inside by a pulsing sky which follows the beat of the music. Pay attention or you’re bound to be startled by the first of many pyrotechnics displays. The fire and water display is completed by a dance floor ringed by water with fountains continually splashing. The 25,000 club somehow feels small, maybe it’s the layout, or perhaps it’s the crowds, but getting some breathing space may be difficult, try another level for some elbow room. Celebs and VIPs at Rain don’t pay cover charges or wait in line so it’s not uncommon to see them brush by you as you wait for entrance.

Cherry Nightclub at Red Rock Casino & Spa

If the hustle and bustle of the super large, super trendy clubs has you a bit beat and tired at just the thought, Cherry Nightclub at Red Rock Casino & Spa is a great way to spend the evening. Cherry is still pretty popular and trendy, but its 8,500 square foot dome of red leather and polished chrome is more cozy and the outdoor pool area is even more relaxed with a private deck, separate bar, cabanas and lounge chairs. If you still want to give those dance moves a try, head onto the dance floor and attempt to match the shakes and swivels of the strategically placed go-go girls as they shimmy to the sound of the beat.

Like most of Vegas lately, everything keeps changing and the pace at which it changes is shockingly rapid. The clubs which are hot today may not be tomorrow, so keep your ear to the rumor mill and check where the day’s most popular stars have been spotted.

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