Tips to Manage Your Fitness and Diet While Traveling

When traveling for work or pleasure, your diet and fitness routine can be easy thrown into upheaval. Here are some tips to help you stay fit and healthy, despite the distance between you and your personal trainer/dietician, and without the use of prescription drugs like Xenical.

• Pack Optimistically. Obviously, you can’t concede defeat before you even leave the house. Pack your gym gear, shoes and swimming gear (if necessary). Most hotels and motels offer basic fitness centers and/or pools. All you need is a cardio machine and some weights, or even a 10m-long hotel pool for a simple, but effective workout.

• Research the Area. Go online and see if there are any gyms in the vicinity of your hotel. Most will offer free guest passes, and if it’s only for one day, then you can use this to supplement the workout you get at your hotel.

• Start Early. People who exercise in the morning are more likely to hold down their routine than those who exercise at night. Go for a morning run or swim, and thrive on the energy and confidence you derive from getting the right start to the day.

• Think Vegetarian. You probably don’t eat three course dinners at home, so when you are out at the fancy client dinner or a conference buffet, consider choosing a vegetarian alternative. They are lighter, contain less fat and protein and more fiber. As a result, you can happily indulge in a dessert, without cheating on your dietitian.

Traveling does not necessarily mean upsetting your routine. It is simply a temporary change of circumstances, to which your routines can be molded and adapted. Plan a little, stay disciplined, and feel great.
Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: Flickr/hotelcasavelas2