Tips for women traveling alone

It’s estimated that women now constitute nearly half of all the business travelers in America.  Here are a few basic tips for women traveling alone on business.

Never tell anyone you are traveling alone: If you meet someone on the airplane, at the hotel or in a business meeting, never say you are traveling alone. If necessary, even lie and say you have other (male) business associates or your husband with you on the trip.

Look like your know where you are going: Criminals often prey on women who are lost or needassistance. Get directions ahead of time so you aren’t walking (or driving) around looking like you are lost. If you do actually get lost, stop for directions at a brightly lit, safe-looking restaurant or cafe rather than a dim-lit gas station.

Have someone from the hotel front desk walk with you: When you arrive at the hotel, ask someone from the staff to walk you to your room, and check inside before entering. Also have a person walk you to your car in the hotel parking lot at night.

Stay at a smaller hotel or inn: A bed and breakfast or boutique hotel may be a better option for women traveling alone. The hotel owners will know who is coming and going in the establishment and will notice if you have not shown up to breakfast or another activity.

Lock the windows and doors: When you are inside your hotel room, check to make sure the windows are locked. Bolt the door and do not open it unless you are expecting someone. Even then, look through the peep-hole to verify the identity of the visitor. Keep the curtains to your hotel room closed. When driving, be sure your car doors are locked and windows are rolled up.

Don’t leave a room service ticket on the outside of your hotel door: These forms indicate how many people are staying in the room. You do not want outsiders to know that you are staying alone.

Consider wearing a fake wedding ring: This could help to deter unwanted male attention. Register at the hotel as Mr. & Mrs. even though you don’t have anyone with you.

Check in often: Plan to call and check in with someone in your family or a business associate several times throughout the day and evening. This way everyone will be assured that you are safe.
By: vonderauvisualsCC BY 2.0