TI Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas

Treasure Island used to be one of the Vegas hotels that was known as a family place back during the days when Vegas was trying to market itself as a destination for all ages. The city eventually realized that its appeal was in its adult activities and Treasure Island followed suit by entirely revamping its style. Re-branding itself under the name TI, it added more adult entertainment and better grown-up amenities so that it could appeal to the travelers who really spend time in Vegas. And since business travelers are a major part of the Vegas hotel traffic, TI made sure to pay attention to what its business travelers might want while staying in the hotel.

TI offers a number of different kinds of rooms for different business travelers. The Executive Suite is a favorite since it has a living room that you can use as an office and enough space for entertaining guests when office hours are over. (There are also two marble bathrooms for people who want to do some serious entertaining!) But there are also rooms with views of the Strip and rooms with panoramic views so that you can enjoy looking out at Vegas while you’re busy working late into the night.

Of course, since its Vegas, you’ll be able to go enjoy the nightlife no matter how late you get off of work. TI has 6 bars that you can enjoy including a tequila bar and the classy Mist lounge. It’s also home to the Mystere Cirque du Soleil show and the sexy Sirens show. And there’s always the slot machines and gaming tables where you can see just how lucky you are during your business trip to Vegas. It’s so fun, you won’t want to leave the hotel! That’s okay, you can have the rest of the office come join you there since TI also has multiple rooms to host business meetings and conferences of all sizes.

(photo credit flickr cc)