Rockefeller Center – The Travel Photo of the Moment

The Travel Photo of the Moment is of the Rockefeller Center and was taken by LabyrinthX


The Tree at Rockefeller Center has become a cherished part of the American holiday season. The tree has been put up every year since 1931 and its lighting is always a spectacular ceremony that receives plenty of attention across the country. The tradition began during the Great Depression when workers in the Rockefeller Center decorated a small balsam fur tree. During the winter time, there is also the world-famous ice rink set up where visitors can ice skate while spectators can dine in the Rock Center Cafe. In the warmer months, there is the Summer Garden & Bar set up in its place, which serves only fresh and local dishes which are delicious and you get a beautiful view of New York City while you dine.

In the other months of the year Rockefeller Center is a buzzing central destination in New York City. It covers 22 acres of land and is full of 19 different buildings.  Rockefeller Center was named after  John D. Rockefeller, Jr who leased the space an began expanding on it  in 1930, it was orginally going to be the location of  and opera house, but after the economy crashed he got rid of the idea. The buildings were designed in an Art Deco style which still stands today.  The estimated cost of all  the land and real estate in the area is over 250,000,00!  Some of the attractions include the Statue of Atlas, which is located on 5th street, or you can visit Radio City Music Hall  on 50th street, or any more of the other buildings and sites in Rockefeller Center.