The 3-1-1 of air travel

311 TSA at Orlando International Airport

311 TSA at Orlando International Airport

Frequent business travelers have airport security down to a science, but for people who only make the occasional trip, the Transportation Security Administration has published its 3-1-1 tips to help you understand the current security process.

Three stands for how many ounces of a liquid or gel you can bring on board. Transfer your liquids or gels. to 3-ounce or smaller containers. Any item in a larger container will be confiscated.

One quart-sized bag is allowed for each traveler. This bag should be clear plastic with a zip-top lock. Use this bag to hold all of your 3-ounce gels and liquids.

One bag per customer. You are only allowed the one bag full of products so chose your items wisely.

The bag needs to go on the x-ray machine separately so having it handy is useful and speeds the process.

There is no such restriction on checked gels and liquids so if you’d rather not deal with the hassle and can do without your fluids, simply check them and you won’t have to worry.

If you do need to carry a liquid or gel with you that is larger than three ounces, such as medication, baby formula and juice, you will have to declare these items. Let the checkpoint security personnel know and hand the items to them for an individual screening.

Expect longer lines at holidays and plan accordingly. The more everyone cooperates with the guidelines and regulations the faster the process will go.