Tampa Beaches

People who are going to be heading to Tampa, Florida this summer are probably going for one reason and one reason only; they want to spend time on the beautiful beaches of Tampa Bay. There are plenty of other things that you can do while you’re in Tampa, of course, but the majority of people are going to forego most other activities in favor of spending some quality time on the beach. It’s definitely not a tough decision to make since the beaches here are beautiful and they serve as a primary reason that travelers come to the area. However, there is some difficulty about this decision because of the sheer fact that there are so many different great Tampa beaches to choose from.

There are ten individual islands that are each located right off of the coast of Florida in the Tampa Bay. All of these beaches are beautiful and each does its best to offer some of the most impressive attractions so that visitors will want to choose that beach over the others. They’re all fairly easy to reach since they’re connected by a road system so the difficulty lies not in getting to them but instead in trying to figure out which of the Tampa Beaches you really want to make your destination.

Following is a guide to some of the best Tampa beaches so that you can get a better idea of which beach has the features and attractions that are most appealing to you.

Belleair Beach. The majority of people who are visiting Tampa are never going to even know about this beach which makes it one of the most private and secluded beach areas in Tampa. Since most of Tampa is going to be packed with people all summer long, there is definitely something appealing about finding a nice quiet beach like this one. The downside here is that a good portion of this beach is considered to be the private property of the people who are living in the exclusive Belleair community. You can get around this by staying in a condo rental in the area to get full access to this great Tampa beach or you can just be careful about sticking to the areas that are considered open to the public. People who want to get away from the world, take some great pictures or spend time with their thoughts will probably find that this is their favorite Tampa beach.
Ben T. Davis Beach. When you think about the beaches of Florida, do you envision a young crowd of people partying it up together on the side? That’s the kind of beach that you’re more likely to find in Miami than in Tampa but every city in Florida is going to offer some sort of party scene for those people who envision a vacation in the state to be this way. That type of beach in Tampa is this beach which is located really close to downtown Tampa and the nightlife that thrives there. Most people don’t go to this beach to go swimming because the waters are really rough here so it really is a beach that you only want if you’re looking to suntan and mingle with the crowds.
Caladesi Island. Almost all of the beaches in Tampa can be reached by car using the network of roads that connects one island to another in Tampa Bay. However, there are a couple of places that you can reach only by ferry and this is considered to be the best of those destinations. Because it requires the extra effort to get there, it tends to be a place that’s quieter and cleaner than the other beaches in Tampa. The activities that you can enjoy at this beach are the ones that you would probably dream up if imagining a Florida beach vacation – swimming, suntanning and sightings of dolphins playing in the water.

Clearwater Beach. This is considered to be one of the most popular Tampa beaches and is a favorite spot for visitors to call home while they are staying in Tampa. Anything that you want to do at this beach can be done here so it’s great for an all-ages crowd of visitors. The one thing that really draws people in, though, is a street market that is set up in the evenings where tourist can come to buy souvenirs and watch performance artists entertain the crowds. There are definitely going to be crowds here though so if you’re looking for a remote Tampa beach then this isn’t the one that you want!
Indian Rocks Beach. There are beaches throughout Tampa that are right for each type of traveler that might come to the area. One common type of Tampa traveler is the middle-aged professional seeking a leisurely resort-style vacation. People who are interested in spending their days sailing on the water and then spending their evenings browsing through quaint antique stores in the surrounding area are going to find that this is the ideal Tampa beach for them. A concern for environmentally-friendly practices and a tendency towards a quieter beach atmosphere than some of the other crowded Tampa beaches makes this a place that’s preferred by an older crowd.
Madeira Beach. This beach is considered to be one of those middle-of-the-road Tampa beaches. It’s not too crowded but it’s not secluded. It offers plenty of activities without an abundance of action. It’s one of the most laidback beaches in Tampa and is a great place to just lay on the sand with a stack of magazines with a plan to get a great tan but it’s also a place where you could meet other beachgoers if you were so inclined.

Pass-a-Grille Beach. There are some people who like to visit beachside destinations but who aren’t necessarily planning to spend a lot of time at the beach per se. These are people who don’t love the water but who like beach towns. Those people will enjoy this beach which is located next to a historic town that makes you feel as though you’ve stepped straight into a charming little era from the past. Art museums, boutique stores and a nearby wildlife refuge are a few of the things that you might see after taking pictures at the serene beach here.
Sand Key Park. This is considered to be one of the most popular beaches in Tampa without being one that’s too crowded. It’s located really close to Clearwater Beach and tends to get a lot of the spillover traffic from there. In other words, people who like the atmosphere and activity of Clearwater Beach but who get tired of the crowds there will make their way to this nearby beach. It offers the perfect mixture of things to do and a less crowded place to do them in. This is a favorite Tampa Beach for families because of the relative lack of crowds, the safety of the water, and the children’s playground here.
St. Petersburg Beach. For those people who think that even Sand Key Park is too low-key, this is the beach that is ideal. It is the most popular and crowded Tampa beach, even more popular than Clearwater Beach in many ways although more people may be at Clearwater Beach during the evening when the street market is taking place. In any case, there are tons of people at St. Pete’s beach and if you want to be where everyone is then you want to make sure that you are one of those people!