Taking a Sip of Coffee Tourism

Tourism isn’t limited to beaches, mountains, and pretty scenery: in today’s world, travelers traverse the planet to pursue all hobbies and interests under the sun. A growing industry is coffee tourism, dedicated to educating you on different types and various roasts of coffee.

From a rich french roast to an eye-popping caffeinated dose of espresso, coffee lovers are always in search of their next cup of joe. If you have even the smallest bit of coffee connoisseur within you, you can appreciate the fine aromas and undertones of different coffees, but you may not know what it’s all about. This is what a coffee tour is all about.

The Café Britt Coffee Tour, located in beautiful Heredia, Costa Rica, has educated over a half million visitors since its 1991 opening. You’ll walk through the organic coffee plantation, gaze at bright red coffee berries, and enjoy the song of birds in the trees as you learn about the process of creating some of Costa Rica’s most famous and flavorful coffee.

If you’re looking for something that’s a little closer to home, consider a trip to Seattle, Washington. Snuggled into the northeastern corner of the country, Seattle is the undisputed coffee capital of the USA. Home to sidewalk espresso carts, espresso bars, coffee-infused chocolates and candies, drive-through coffee windows, and other coffee-inspired goodies, Seattle can cure any craving you have for a quality cup of java.

And if you can’t make it to either Costa Rica or Seattle, start small: head to your favorite local coffee bar. And if you don’t even have one of them, try a Starbucks. As the ruling king of coffee chains, it offers over thirty roasts and blends of the world’s most delicious joe.

(photo credit flickr cc)