Ski Lake Tahoe

For skiers there is nothing quite like the fluffy powder dusting the slopes in Lake Tahoe. The incredible scenic views and the magnificent resorts frequently get hit with record breaking snowfalls, which set a skier’s heart racing. And the area features more ski resorts than any other destination in North America.

Between the North and South Lake Tahoe resorts are 17,000 acres of terrain with more than 100 lifts and 500 runs. There is something for everyone, no matter what your skill level or your level of daring.

Lake Tahoe was born from the depths of the earth as a cataclysmic volcanic and icy glacier worked to carve and sculpt the region. The pristine blue water and towering peaks reminds visitors of this environmental wonder and its pure nature. The 35 feet of snowfall annually keeps Mother Nature in the forefront as visitors realize that we’re all at her mercy and simultaneously held in her blessing.

To ski across this vista is a power trip like no other, a sense of accomplishment fills your soul as you conquer the tricky terrain and glide across the earth at an earth shattering speed. The beauty of the region fills your vision as you whip down the slopes and become one with this grandiose environmental wonder.

Creative Commons License Photo credit: Franco Folini

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