Aztalan Pyramids

If pyramids excite you and make you feel like traveling, how about a trip to Wisconsin? Believe it or not, the Midwestern state is home to an ancient village and ceremonial complex, complete with pyramidal mounds, from somewhere between AD 1000 to 1300. Not much is specifically known about the group that constructed these pyramids […]

Travel Photo of the Moment Greenfield Park

The Travel Photo of the Moment is of Autumn in Greenfield Park and was taken by Indy Kethdy Photo credit: Indy Kethdy Greenfield Park is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and it has become known as one of the finest places in the city to enjoy nature and unwind during a hot summer day. The park is […]

Governor Dodge State Park – Travel Photo of the Moment

The Travel Photo of the Moment is of Governor Dodge State Park and was taken by BaylorBear78 Governor Dodge State Park is near the city of Dodgeville, Wisconsin. The state park is named after Henry Dodge, who is known for being the first governor of Wisconsin. The trees in Governor Dodge State Park are mostly […]