US Airways Baggage Restrictions, Luggage Charges and Carry on Luggage

Flying US Airways means that you need to be aware of baggage restrictions, luggage charges, and carry on policies. Just like every airline, they have policies that you must adhere to. It is better to be aware of US Airways baggage than to be surprised at check-in.

What are US Airways Luggage Policies?

US Airways updated their luggage policy on July 9, 2008. If you are going to fly US Air you need to be aware of the new policy, and how this will affect your luggage and carry on baggage.

Does US Airways Charge for Luggage?

The question of whether or not US Airways charges for luggage has become more and more common as of late. As of July 9, 2008, US Airways does charge certain fees for luggage. That being said, you need to know if these fees apply to you and whether or not you can get around them.

What is US Airways Carry on Luggage Policy?

Like every airline, US Airways has a carry on luggage policy that must be followed. This holds true no matter where you are flying to and from, or your status as a passenger. You are permitted to carry on one bag as well as one personal item. Your personal item can include a purse, laptop […]

Does US Airways Charge for Heavy Baggage?

Flying US Airways means that you may be assessed a heavy baggage fee. This is something that you want to be aware of before you depart for the airport. You can save yourself a lot of money in fees by simply following the guidelines set forth by the airline.