Deciding to Stay Onsite or Offsite at Walt Disney World

When planning a vacation to Walt Disney World one of your first decisions to make is where to stay. When traveling to Orlando Florida, there is certainly no shortage of choices in regards to available hotels. In addition to Disney offering its own lodging choices, every major hotel chain is represented there. Every class of […]

Fantasyland in 4 Hours or Less

Almost every parent who has been to Walt Disney World has had a “magical day” go wrong and turn into a “meltdown day”. Maybe it was the hot sun of July or August, the snail like pace of the line on Dumbo, or one too many verses from “it’s a small world”, but the spot […]

Tips for Surviving Plane Travel

We’ve all read those guides about plane travel that state the obvious.  Show up on time.  Have your passport handy.  Don’t clutch your backpack as if it’s an explosive you’ve been entrusted with.  Ever notice something about those guides though?  They’re not about how to survive “plane travel”, they’re about how to survive “airports”.  Now […]

Travel Tips for Women

If you’re like me, even an overnight adventure can mean a lot of packing stress and at least two pieces of luggage, not to mention the purse and the fanny pack, if hiking is involved. Sure, I’m medium to high maintenance and I accept that, but I’ve learned that I don’t necessarily have to pack […]

Travel Tips for Dieters

If you’re on a diet and traveling you can ruin your entire diet routine or you can ruin your vacation by being too regimented. So, how do you find a happy medium where you can enjoy yourself and not destroy your healthy eating plan? The first thing you need to do is get educated. You […]

Travel Hack: How To Beat Jet Lag

Travelling across time zones can be an exciting part of a vacation. Any shock you might experience at the changing time is absorbed by the relaxed nature of your adventure and the extra time you have to sleep. But what about business travellers who travel often and need to hit the ground running when they […]

Lithium Batteries and Travel

In an effort to protect the public from lithium batteries (and aren’t we all afraid of them) the DOT enacted new lithium battery rules for travel beginning on January 1st of 2008. Basically the rules state that you cannot pack spare lithium batteries in your checked baggage. Meaning the bags you hand over to the […]

Hints on Taking the First Big Trip

With gap year travel becoming so popular and more and more young people finding time between school, college and working life to get out on the road for an extended period of time, the concept of the new Lonely Planet book The Big Trip should definitely interest a few readers. It’s the first edition of […]

Travel Tip: Travel Cheap, House Swap!

House swapping isn’t for the faint of heart — you’ll send keys to complete strangers and leave them alone in your house for days at a time! — but thousands of independent travelers are slowly discovering the joys of this inexpensive (and slightly voyeuristic) way to travel.

Airport Travel Tips

If you want to get through the airport faster and with more ease, use the following travel tips to help you breeze right through, saving both time and hassle.

Look For Bundled Attraction Discounts

If you are going on vacation to a major city and want to see some of the featured attractions check to see if the city offers a bundled package. Much like you can bundle your cable, internet and phone services together and get a discount, some communities are going to bundled discounts on major attractions […]

Smart Travel: Know The “Best Practices” Of Adventure Activities

When you pack for a trip, there is one item that could mean a ruined trip or even loss of life if your forget it:

Backpacking Basics for First-Timers

Budget backpacking may be all that’s left for many of us when the world financial crisis hits our travel plans, so although Shane Gladigau’s new book Backpacker Basics: For Your First International Trip might be targeted at 18 – 25 year olds, the market might have just got a lot broader.

Tips for planning a girlfriend getaway

Between the demands of work, children and significant others it can be tough to even agree on a date for a girls’ night out, so if you’re planning to get away with the girls for any length of time, settle on a date first and stick to it. Make it far enough in advance to […]