Top 10 Romantic Hotels in the United States

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Trip Advisor, the popular travel Web site, has posted their choices for the top 10 romantic hotels in America. Although I agree with many of their choices, I find it surprising that all they chose nothing east of Phoenix. What about New England? or Miami’s South Beach? or New […]

Kiva Microlending Website

So a friend sent me a link to a website that lets you lend money to businesses in developing countries to help them grow their businesses. Please check it out and see if there’s anyway you can help even $25 will make a difference, check out the Kathika Profile.

Disney World restaurant bans kids

The dream of many small children across the world is to visit Disney World, right? Even though there are plenty of adults who have become addicted to visiting Disney theme parks, the whole concept is really about entertaining kids. Or so I thought, until I read that Disney World has recently banned children from eating […]

Liverpool’s year of culture begins

Each year in Europe, two cities are named to be the continents Capitals of Culture for the year. It gives sometimes little-known cities the chance to make their name on the world scene – like one of this year’s Capitals, the town of Stavanger in Norway – and others the opportunity to recover a reputation. […]

Traveling with children – Thought of Oaxaca, Mexico?

Traveling with children adds a whole extra dimension to the travel planning process. You have to think about the distances involved – no normal child enjoys spending too long in a plane or car – as well as the activities there that might entertain them, plus whether they will eat the food available, and so […]